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I am represented by the wonderful Patricia Nelson at Marsal Lyon. Please contact her with all blurb and licensing requests. (Note: I cannot read electronically; please request a blurb only if you are willing and able to provide a hard copy.)

My publicist at Wednesday Books is Meghan Harrington. Please contact her for matters relating to ARCs/publicity for Cool for the Summer, Home Field Advantage, Going Bicoastal, and My Name is Everett.

My publicist at Flatiron Books is Cat Kenney. Please contact her for matters relating to publicity for His Hideous Heart, That Way Madness Lies, and At Midnight.

For matters relating to Out of Our League, please contact me directly.

For film inquiries, please contact Phoebe Schmidt at Paradigm.

For anything else, you can contact me directly using the form at the right or



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