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Frequently Asked Questions

Reader Questions

If your question's not answered here, check out these interviews to see if it's covered over there!

Q: Will there be a sequel to Cool for the Summer?


A: There won't be a full sequel, no, but Lara and Jasmine pop up a few times in Going Bicoastal; if you've been wondering what they're up to, it'll definitely answer your questions on that!

Q: What's the deal with the new editions of Behind the Scenes, Under the Lights, and Just Visiting?

A: My wonderful audio publisher, OrangeSky/Spotify, bought the audio rights, and I loved the covers Jessica Dugan created for them so much that it prompted me to finally take back the rights from my original publisher and self-pub the paperback and ebook versions with the new covers and a tiny bit of cleanup on the inside. 

Q: Where do I get the version I want of Behind the ScenesUnder the Lights, and/or Just Visiting?

A: If you're trying to order one of the new editions, the only place to get those in paperback is Amazon; make sure you're ordering from the product pages with the new covers. If you're trying to get one of the old covers (other than the navy blue cover of Behind the Scenes), you can get those via while supplies last. For the navy blue cover of Behind the Scenes, please contact me directly; I have a very small collection of them available for purchase. (Yes, I know it looks available on various etailers, but it's a lie; that cover has never gone to distributors.)

Q: Are your other books with Wednesday going to be available in the same countries/languages as Cool for the Summer?

A: Home Field Advantage will be published by Helion/BeYA (Poland), and Going Bicoastal will be published by Globo/Alt (Brazil). If you're not in one of those countries but want to see one of those books published locally, please let the publisher know!

Q: Are the covers of the Radleigh books being redone for all formats?

A: Nope, the new designs are just the audio covers, and they were specifically done by Jessica Dugan for my audio publisher, OrangeSky. But aren't they cute??

Q: Which of your books are available in audio?

A: All of them! They're all published by OrangeSky Audio except His Hideous Heart, That Way Madness Lies, and Cool for the Summer, which are published by Macmillan Audio. 

Q: Can I read Under the Lights without having read Behind the Scenes?


A: You can! Reading Behind the Scenes first helps with understanding character background, especially because the first couple of chapters do fairly heavily feature Ally and Liam, but it’s not strictly necessary.


Q: Can I read Right of First Refusal without reading Last Will and Testament?


A: You can! I think it’s more fun to read LWaT first because Cait’s best friends are recurring characters, but it’s absolutely an independent story, with a love interest who’s new to Radleigh.

Q: Can I read Out on Good Behavior without reading the first two Radleigh books?


A: Still absolutely yes, but, this is my first book where the main character and love interest actually do meet in the previous one (Right of First Refusal), and it also has a lot of scenes involving the main characters and love interests from earlier in the series. Comprehension-wise, you’ll be fine, but it’s worth noting.


Q: Will there be more Radleigh books after Out on Good Behavior?


A: Nope, that’s it. I love my Radleigh girls and their partners and I wouldn’t mess with them for all the macarons in Paris. There are some fun bonus scenes here and here, though!

Q: Which of your books are Sapphic?


A: Under the Lights, Out on Good Behavior, Cool for the Summer, Home Field Advantage. and Going Bicoastal. My stories in All Out (“Molly’s Lips”), His Hideous Heart ("Lygia"), and At Midnight ("Say My Name") are as well.

Q: Which of your works have Jewish main characters?


A: Cool for the Summer and Going Bicoastal are my novels starring Jewish characters, and you can also find them helming my stories in The Radical Element (“Daughter of the Book”), It’s a Whole Spiel ("Two Truths and an Oy"), That Way Madness Lies ("I Bleed"), and Out of Our League ("Volley Girl").

Other Questions

Q: How do you pronounce your name?

A: Phonetically. You can hear me say it here.

Q: What happened to your Twitter account?

A: It was banned, and no, I don't know why, but I will not be attempting to return, so if you see someone else there squatting on my name, it's not me. I'm still working on recreating the important threads from it in my newsletter, but as far as connecting with me on social media goes,, you can most frequently find me on BlueSky at and Threads and Instagram as @MissDahlELama. 

Q: How can I get involved in anthologies?


A: This is probably the real most frequently asked question, so I wrote a whole blog post about it! I cannot advise you on how to be solicited for participation, other than to make your skills and passions known as best you can. If you're interested in open calls, search "open calls anthology" on Twitter; you might be amazed at how much pops up.


Q: Are you open to reading for blurb consideration?


A: I am happy to consider reading for blurbs as long as you can offer a bound manuscript/ARC; I unfortunately cannot read electronically. Please send your requests through my agent, Patricia Nelson at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, but know that I am unlikely to commit to anything with less than two months' notice. 

Q: Can you moderate my virtual launch?


A: Maybe! I observe Shabbat and so am never available Friday nights or Saturdays, and 7-8 p.m. EST, aka my kids' bedtime, is a no-go as well. If your launch does not fall into those windows, then feel free to ask!

Q: Can you moderate a virtual festival/conference panel?


A: I will certainly consider it as long as you're paying! I am no longer doing unpaid panel moderation. (And the same Shabbat constraints mentioned above apply; bedtime and honoraria may be negotiable but my observance is not.)

Q: What about in-person events?

A: I am not doing in-person events for other people's books at this time.

Q: Can I interview you?

A: Sure! Hit me up through the contact tab and please make sure you include a deadline if there is one.

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